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To advise and assist clients in respect of Wills and Power of Attorney. To provide Inheritance Tax advice. To assist clients in all aspect of Probate matters to include submission of documents to HMRC and The Probate Registry and the winding up of Estates. I qualified as a Solicitor with the firm of Pricketts in Buxton who were taken over by EHL Solicitors. I was a Partner in the firm of Pricketts and my position now is that of Senior Associate Solicitor with EHL Solicitors. I worked out of the Buxton office for 25 years and now work remotely. I have assisted many generations of families/clients over the years and am very experienced in my role with an understanding and compassionate manner. My experience includes undertaking a range of probates from modest estates to estates valued £5m plus, including large agricultural holdings. I also have extensive experience in liaising with HMRC, the District Valuer and other professionals such as Accountants and Land Agents and Stockbrokers. I assist clients in their applications for Power of Attorney and instructions for Wills to include extensive Inheritance Tax advice.


Elizabeth Ince

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Wills and Probate, Solicitor
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Elizabeth Ince

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