Douglas Wemyss

Property related transactions

About me

Pragmatic and approachable always looking to solve problems rather than find them. Good at analysing complicated issues and offering clear advice, most importantly the advice you didn’t realise you needed to know. Able to shed light on solutions because of wealth of past transactions. Professional Information (including any relevant memberships, accreditations, qualifications etc): Qualified as a solicitor in 1984, became a partner aged 27 and had own practice with 30 staff by 37, sold my practice and became a consultant in 2008


Douglas Wemyss

Area of expertise
Property, Solicitor LLB Hons
Professional qualification
Years experience
Professional information
Hobbies and interests
I swim every weekday, preferably abroad, and in my spare time do a bit of property development.



Douglas Wemyss

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