What is Lawyer Checker?

January 17, 2017

Lawyer Checker is a tool which is becoming more commonly used by solicitors to help prevent fraud.  There have been cases where fake solicitor firms have been set up, seeking to steal client money during conveyancing transactions.

Lawyer checker is a way of EHL verifying the other firm’s financial details such as the sort code, account number and post code. This allows a check to be undertaken against the solicitor firm next up the chain and their bank account which will then return either a “frequent result” or “infrequent result”.

A “frequent” result indicates that this particular solicitor’s bank account is known and trusted.  An “infrequent” result will trigger further investigations – it may be a firm that does not typically conduct conveyancing services, or may be a new bank account.  If there is any cause for concern at this stage this will be discussed with the client.

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority recommends that Lawyer Checker be used in all conveyancing transactions, and provides a valuable protection for clients sending large amounts of money.  At EHL we include this cost within all conveyancing fee quotes (it shows as a separate item on the quote) so that you can be confident that your funds are going to a safe recipient.

If you are purchasing a property check that the solicitors firm you are using undertakes a Lawyer Checker search before completion as it is better to be safe than sorry.

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